Thursday, May 9, 2013 remote object does not exist

According to the official Cyanogenmod build guide, there is one step called "Extract Proprietary Blobs", in which you have to connect the device with USB and run "" to get those "blobs" from the device.

However, in running the extract-files, it's very often to see output like
remote object '/system/lib/egl/' does not exist
It didn't say it's an "Error", but actually the script will just stop there, leaving the remaining blobs unextracted.

If you thought, oh, only one file does not exists, maybe not a big deal, so you continue to build the framework, it's highly likely that the framework you build will not work properly, due to lack of blobs.

Download a released Cyanogenmod for that device (the same version with the one you are trying to compiling), unzip it to a folder, suppose the folder is "/home/cm"
Then when running the, instead of connecting your device to USB and extracting from device (which is the default behavior if you don't provide any argument to the, you can simply run
./ /home/cm
(replace /home/cm to the folder where you unzip the Cyanogenmod, of course)
Then the will copy blobs from that folder.

If there is still some file missing (e.g. for Galaxy S3), then google it, download it and put it in the right path -- in general, missing blobs is not a good thing, we should avoid it as much as we can, and that's why I commented out the text below, which is a very bad solution.

When I try to follow the wiki page to build Cyanogenmod from source, there is one step called
Extract Proprietary Blobs
in which I need to go to device/samsung/quincyatt folder and execute to get those "blobs" from the device.

In executing the, the script stops and says
remote object '/system/lib/egl/' does not exist
Well, it's not an error, so I thought it happens to be the last file not exists, but actually it's not.
Go to the device folder, and run
grep -lr "" *
I find it's in samsung/msm8660-com/com-proprietary-files.txt, so open that file, search for "", and comment it out, re-execute the script, the script proceeds to extracting more files.

If similar error happens again, just repeat the same process.


  1. I have to create for my device .
    This device is a chinese tablet .
    I am a complete noob and would appreciate any help.
    Please share a link of how can someone create this file to extract specific blobs from the device.

    1. hi Talwar

      Did you download the CyanogenMod source code for your device?


    2. when i run the command it does not work :/
      can someone help? /home/original
      i get error: device not found

    3. from the error message it seems your device is not connected to computer?

      did you try adb your device?

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  3. can anyone please help me to build stable CM10.1 for LG Optimus Net(P690)? can you guide me how to build/? and where do i find or get sources for my device!! I'm a noob,but wanna get started!! :(

  4. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

  5. my device is not supported by CM,how can I make "" for it?

  6. The script does not copy the missing files automatically. I had to copy the files from the CM build manually. At least in version CM 11.

  7. Some of the files actually require root access over adb. So on your phone go to 'Settings -> Developer Options -> Root Access' and select either ADB Only or Apps and ADB. Now in your terminal type 'adb root' and it will start/restart your adb server as root. The will now get all files :)

    1. Man you have no idea how long I had been searching for a fix for this problem. Your solution worked 100%! THANKS A MILLION!